My Chinese herbs have arrived!

I’m very excited, as I’ve just received my personalised mixture of Chinese medicinal herbs from Simon Jones.

I’m to take 10g per day, split into two 5g doses, mixed with warm water. Simon has asked me to look out for any adverse reaction, as I have such a sensitive system; if my stomach doesn’t like it at all, I’m to split the dose into four 2.5g servings instead, to let my body get used to the herbs.

I’m quite tempted to actually start with the four 2.5g servings, and then move to the 5g ones after a few days…

The medicine is intended to help clear up the last of the infection primarily, to get at anywhere that the antibiotics weren’t able to.

Apparently they’ll taste extremely bitter, so I’m not looking forward to that – my Ayurvedic herbs taste pretty nice to be honest, but I’m not going to get something as tiny as a bad taste get in the way of this healing journey.


2 thoughts on “My Chinese herbs have arrived!

  1. Matt says:

    Would love to know the outcome, I’ve always hoped there were more natural remedies but never had the confidence to go with them.
    Keep well, get strong.

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