Tom Malterre & Dave Asprey: Gluten, the Gut Microbiome, & the Elimination Diet

I’ve been a fan of Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Diet for a while; even though his Bulletproof Coffee is out of bounds while my digestive system is in a spin, the coffee powers our office on a daily basis (but I have tried it, and it’s awesome), and his biohacking tips are useful, insightful and empowering.

This episode of his regular Bulletproof podcast is a great interview with Tom Malterre, an advanced Functional Medicine-trained Nutritionist with particular expertise in nutrient deficiencies and the Gut Microbiome.

They discuss, amongst many other things, why gluten and dairy are addictive like opium, the minimum length of time for elimination diets to be effective, the gut microbiome, and the benefits of raw vs cooked vegetables; I think it’s of interest to many people, but particularly those dealing with IBD; there are some real gems in here.

Here’s the link to Asprey’s podcast page, where you can grab the mp3, or you can watch the podcast video in full below.

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